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YouTuber Jada Jackson Teaches Dog Lina to Use Dog Buttons to Talk

By Woof Meow Hello Staff January 08, 2021

YouTube vlogger Jada Jackson and her partner Justin Washington have been teaching their rescue dog Lina to communicate with recordable buttons for dogs to talk.

Part One:

Jackson begins with the words "play," "walk," "outside" and "food." As the two begin recording their buttons, Lina approaches them to investigate. Some of the buttons are recorded with Jada's voice, while others will play back Justin's voice.

Something to note is that they find difficulty getting clear recordings programmed to the buttons they purchased from Amazon. To avoid this, check out the widest selection of recordable dog buttons for sale right here at Woof Meow Hello!

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Part Two: Dog Communication Buttons Advice and Results

Lina has mastered "play," but is still learning to use the other words. "Outside" is a word she understands, but has not yet learned to press it herself.

Lina has undeniable curiosity for the buttons, and with more practice modeling, she'll get the hang of it!

One thing they identified as a challenge is when Lina asks to play, but they are not able to. This is actually a great time to teach the word "later!" Press "play" then "later," and over time, your dog will learn that "later" doesn't mean "no," but instead means they'll have to wait a bit to get what they want.

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Click here for a guide to their first three words and phrases!

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