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Talking Dog Named Bunny Loves Her Friends, Talks About Them With Recordable Buttons For Dogs

By Woof Meow Hello Staff January 20, 2021

Dogs Talking With Buttons

If you've been on the internet at all in 2021, chances are you've seen videos of or at least heard of the Tik Tok famous talking dog named Bunny. Among the most advanced learners to date, Bunny has over 50 word buttons on her dog communication board, and when it comes to learning more words, she won't be stopping anytime soon.

Talking Dog Bunny And Her Friends

Lately, Bunny's conversations have been all about her best friends: Beacher, Jack, Selena, and Tango. Watch Bunny ask for a playdate with Tango using her talking dog buttons:



Help! Playdate urgently needed.

Bunny sees her friends out the window and lets us know she wants to go out and play:



Can We All Play Upstairs?

During a recent power outage in the Puget Sound Area where Bunny and her family reside, Bunny appears to ask for her friends to come over to play upstairs:



Calling her friends out

Then there was this instance, where Bunny took it upon herself to notify anyone listening that her friend Beacher pooped while over for a play date. This comes after months of Bunny narrating her humans' bathroom activities:



Talking Dog Bunny Misses Her Friends

As the severe weather that caused the power outage persists, Bunny is frustrated that she can't see her friend Beacher. The way she expresses this thought is not entirely cogent, but given what we know about Bunny, this is the most logical inference. Have a look for yourself:



Friends Forever

If these videos made you smile and reminded you of any of your friends, be sure to send this article along to them!

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