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Talking Buttons With A Lizard?

By Spencer Montoya July 05, 2021

It has been established and proven that dogs and cats are capable of being trained to talk with word buttons. If cats and dogs are capable, why not expand this animal cognition experiment out another notch? Why not try it with lizards? Interestingly enough, it has been done.

The owner of a Tegu named Moth has begun training her on how to use a word button to communicate when she is hungry. As Moth places her foot on the button, she is gifted with a small piece of food. Moth has been slowly taking in this knowledge and is gaining more understanding of the button and what it means. 

Moth’s demonstration further opens the doors of communication between owners and their pets. If a lizard is able to understand and learn to communicate through the use of word buttons, other pets might be able to do the same. What about rabbits, birds, horses — maybe even snakes? Is it possible that they are also capable of understanding and talking with humans through talking buttons

These questions could lead to potential experiments on the intelligence and linguistic capacities of different animals. We’re skeptical, but it would be very cool if certain species of amphibians are also capable of learning and understanding human language through training with word buttons.

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