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Talking Buttons Stories - Waffles Wants His Ball!

By Spencer Montoya August 01, 2021 translation missing: en.blogs.counts.comments_with_count


Practice (and patience) make perfect #dogbuttons #canineaac #theycantalk #smartdoggo #yorkie 🖲See link in bio for buttons🖲

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As a yorkie who lives with his owner in Calgary, Alberta, Waffles has been going through his training with talking buttons. Waffles' favorite toy appears to be a small purple ball. His challenge for the day is to learn a new word button, BALL.

Waffles already knows the words PLAY and WANT, so his owners gave him the new word BALL so he could begin forming complete phrases.

The goal for his training is to get him to say, PLAY WITH BALL or WANT BALL. Since Waffles was having a little bit of difficulty with understanding the word, his owner used an effective strategy to get him to understand it better.

The owner separated BALL from the other words. This way he can notice that it is farther away from the other buttons and that he knows that this word is what he needs to learn.

Waffles now has a better understanding of the word, and can specifically ask his owner for his favorite toy.

Do you have a talking dog? Tell us your story in the comments!

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  • My dog wouldn’t stop having barking fits until we got him these!! Now he never barks but when the buttons don’t get him what he wants he whines really dramatically 😂😂

    Kendra Michaelsen on

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