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Dog Talking Buttons - Mishka Learns To Speak

By Spencer Montoya June 30, 2021

Rescued from an unstable home, Mishka now has a new mom, Jessy, who cares for her and gives her all the love and attention she deserves. With Jessy always providing Mishka with an environment that's loving and caring, it's time for Mishka to start her journey, a challenging journey in which she learns to communicate through the use of dog talking buttons.

Mishka’s First Words

Since Mishka is only beginning her journey, her first words are simple and basic. Words like “outside,” “water,” “all done”, and “treat.” Mishka begins with treats. Given a treat at the sound of the button, Mishka slowly begins to understand the sound of the word “treat.” As she practices, she will learn that pressing the button will give her treats.

Since beginning with treats, she’s already eaten quite a few of them. She will need to go outside at some point. This is a delicate operation however and she still needs some understanding that she’s in a safe environment. Later, when she needs outside time, she can practice and learn the outside button.

Mishka will also learn “water.” This way she can ask for a drink and keep hydrated. By grasping the concept of the word “water,” she will learn to ask for it when her bowl is empty and needs a refill.

With the “all done” button, Mishka can learn to inform her owner when she’s done playing or with her food. Her diet and weight can be easily controlled and keep her in a healthy state as she grows.


Mishka’s Journey Begins

For now, Mishka will learn the basics, and as she continues to master words and eventually moves onto phrases, the bond between her and Jessy will only grow stronger. 

Mishka has a long journey ahead of her, but her owner will keep us up to date on her progress and share what Mishka has mastered and is currently learning. Soon, Mishka will be able to use words and phrases and become a talking dog!

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