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Talking Dog Buttons Adventures - 3 Times Polly The Talking Dog Blew Our Minds & Warmed Our Hearts

By Spencer Montoya July 17, 2021


I’m not sure if I feel loved or used...but either way it’s pretty dang cute! 😍🥺 ##canineaac ##aac ##DogsOfTikTok ##talkingdog ##theycantalk ##loveyou

♬ original sound - Polly Brown

Polly Goes From Love To Treat

Polly was given new buttons today, LOVE YOU and POLLY. This is still the beginning stages of her training, yet she already understands her name and the phrase LOVE YOU. She understands that the phrase LOVE YOU is a way to communicate appreciation and love for her owner.

Polly also seems to have taken in another understanding. It seems that Polly may be under the impression that if she expresses love and appreciation for her owners, she will be given something back. Something like a treat. With already having learned TREAT, she has unlocked a new way of acquiring treats. 


If at first you don’t succeed...try again...and then pout 🥺👉🏻👈🏻 #canineaac #aac #dogsoftiktok #talkingdog #theycantalk #mydogtalks

♬ original sound - Polly Brown

Polly Wants a Ride

Polly is at it again using her skills. Similar to Bastian, Polly wants something from her owner and will do what she can to get what she wants. However, she is more subtle about pressing her buttons than Bastian is. 

Poly uses the CAR button to indicate when she wants to go for a ride. In this case, Polly is asking for a ride too early, as her owner says it is not time to go out for a ride. Polly has learned to understand when she is not allowed to have something, because she will repeat what she wants using the word phrase she’s created in her mind. 

The owner changes the tone of voice to set the thought into Polly’s mind that it is not time to ride in the car and that she needs to wait. Realizing that she isn’t going to get what she wants, Polly unhappily stops asking and waits for when it’s time for her to take a ride. 


She has been ‘talking’ SO much today! #canineaac #aac #dogpuzzle #hextiles #theycantalk #fluentpet #cockapoo #outwardhound

♬ original sound - Polly Brown

Polly Wants Her Puzzle

Polly has many different toys. However, one of her toys seems to be exclusively designed for her to increase her intelligence. This toy is a dog puzzle, a puzzle that helps the dog understand and learn how to move things to pull pieces of the puzzle out and put them back in.

With this toy, Polly was given a PUZZLE button so she could call on her owner when she wanted to play with it. Using a combination of both PUZZLE and NOW, Polly learned to form a phrase in her head that allowed her to express her interest in playing with the puzzle. 

Polly certainly seems to be getting good with her puzzle toy, and just as she created her own phrase to communicate when she wants it, she can learn to use the word NOW for anything. All she has to do is take a word like FOOD, WATER, or OUTSIDE and place it before NOW and she will get what she desires. 

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