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Amazing Dog Communication - Lexi The Husky Misses Dad, Wants Walk

By Woof Meow Hello Staff June 19, 2021 translation missing: en.blogs.counts.comments_with_count

Lexi the Husky is wicked smart.

At seven years old, Lexi is still very eager to learn new tricks. With her speech buttons, she’s learning to use the words she’s heard and most likely come to understand all her life. What does she say? Well, it’s exactly what you’d expect from your own furry, pure-hearted best friend.



When Lexi senses it’s getting to be around the usual time for her dad to come home to take her on a walk, she approaches her set of speech buttons to say WALK then DAD. The talking dog looks hopefully at the door.

“Dad’s coming home soon, and [he will] walk you,” Michelle reassures her sweet girl. 

Still anxious to see her dad and get outside, Lexi activates her buttons for WHERE and NOW. She repeatedly presses the WALK button, unable to contain her excitement as she waits as patiently as she can for dad to get home. WALK! WALK! WALK!

After Michelle says that dad will be home in five minutes, Lexi presses her NOW button, much to Michelle’s amusement. 

Just look at her jump for joy when dad’s finally home!

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  • Simply amazing! I’m a big fan of Michelle and Lexi💕

    Teresa Lawyer on

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