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10 Amazing Ways A Cat Can Talk

By Spencer Montoya June 27, 2021

While some cats can be difficult to train, there are some that are able to pick up words and understand them in pretty intelligent ways.

Billi is a cat who has her own youtube channel called BilliSpeaks. Billi’s owners have trained her with dozens of different word buttons and Billi is now at a point where she is able to do and say so many interesting and intelligent things.

Here Are 10 Amazing Times Billi The Talking Cat Used Speech Buttons To Communicate: 


Love you

Billi starts with the word “love you,” prompting her owner to give Billi attention. She asks about going outside, playing, whether she wants her toy inside or outside. At the end of it all, Billi says “I love you!" repeatedly. Such a sweet girl!



Billi calls for her owner, referring to them as Mom. Indeed, the strong bond they share has grown to be quite like that of a mother-daughter relationship.

Billi wants to appreciate the love and comfort she gets from her owner with pets and attention. Billi says she's happy, and shows to be happy her mother is happy too.

Nail trimming

Most cats never like getting their nails trimmed. However, Billi has learned that when her owner says “Ouch” this lets Billi know it's time for a nail trim. Billi was trained to stay in a special position for nail clipping, and has no problem being groomed and rejuvenated. 


Happy Billi!

Billi is a happy kitty. She has learned to form the phrase “Happy Billi” as another way to show gratitude towards her owner. Along with that, Billi also understands chin rubs and will always enjoy them when she hears those words.

A Rebellious Streak

Billi is supposed to be learning about the word “Scratch.” However, Billi refuses to learn and instead pesters her owner for food and pets.

Billi is not having it with her owner refusing to give her food until later and tells her owner she is mad. Billi did at least get some pets though and practice with the words “back” and “chin” so she still learned. 

Billi Hears Noises!

Her lesson is outside noise and understanding noises that come from outside. While Billi still needs some practice with outside noise, Billi is very curious as to what it is by asking her owner “what?” Her owner explains what is making the noise, but unfortunately, all the noise is making Billi mad.

Billi: Homecoming

After a long day of work, Billi is delighted to see her owner. Billi is filled with love and happiness and looks forward to playing with her favorite toys. They both share a loving moment together nudging heads, further strengthening their bond together.


Never Too Much

Another round of pets. This time, Billi requests pets on the chin and on the back again. Two handed pets however are not Billi’s favorite kind of pets. She also wants food but Billi now understands that food comes later. So she goes back to pets and tells her owner she loves her.

In Or Out?

Play time for Billi again! At first she wanted to play inside. However, Billi finds she wasn’t really feeling for some indoor play. Instead she communicates with “play outside” and has fun chasing around a butterfly.


A Morning With Billi

Billi wants an early morning chat with her owner. Billi wants pets but at the same time she is mad for some reason. Billi still gets her back pets that she requests. Billi also asks for food but, again, Billi must wait until it's time for breakfast. Understanding that it isn’t breakfast time, Billi instead requests a drink. 

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