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The Power Of Your Pet’s ALL DONE Talking Button

By Spencer Montoya July 03, 2021

ALL DONE is useful for both you and your pet, so make sure it's one of the first talking buttons they know!

A dog or cat probably thinks the words “all done” might have something to do with food, attention, or just the general idea of “no,” but the goal is to eventually get them to understand that the phrase ALL DONE means they are done with something like food or play time, or that the owner needs to divert their attention to something else like work or phone calls. 

The phrase ALL DONE will help your pet understand that their buttons are not for the them to use as a means for  getting whatever they desire from their owner at any given time. 

The ALL DONE button will be used to help train the pet to know when you are done giving them what they want, and this increased understanding will help establish and strengthen the relationship between the two of you. 

Another way the phrase ALL DONE is powerful for the dog or cat's learning is that they can learn many other buttons as well. The different buttons such as OUTSIDE, WATER, and PLAY are all connected with the ALL DONE button. When your pet is finished with water or outside play time, the owner can use the button to signal to the pet that playtime is over. 

The concept of time is also introduced with the ALL DONE button. For example, your pet might learn that a certain window of playtime will happen during the day, and ALL DONE will signify the end of the allotted playtime.

One final thing to know about the ALL DONE button is that it may come as a lifesaver to you in certain situations. 

For instance, if you have introduced a TREAT button early on, ALL DONE is a good way to communicate that there is a limit to how much they can request. This is why at first, they might understand their ALL DONE button to mean NO. With the introduction of new words down the road, your pet will be able to better contextualize the meanings of earlier concepts.

Dog Talking Buttons Training: ALL DONE

Whenever you and your dog are returning inside, press OUTSIDE then ALL DONE. If your dog presses the OUTSIDE button too soon after returning inside, tell them OUTSIDE ALL DONE with their buttons.

Cat Talking Buttons Training - ALL DONE

Teach your cat the meanings and use cases of their ALL DONE button using augmentative and alternative communication techniques.

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