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Talking Buttons News

Talking Buttons Stories - Waffles Wants His Ball!

Watch Waffles the Yorkie ask to play with his ball using talking buttons! Do you have a talking dog? Tell us in the comments!

Talking Dog Buttons Adventures - 3 Times Polly The Talking Dog Blew Our Minds & Warmed Our Hearts

Watch three times Polly the talking dog blew our minds and warmed our hearts.

Dog Talking Buttons - Argument Over TREATS!

Whoever thought they could have a verbal argument with their dog?

(Emotional) Dog Talking Buttons Story - Casper Wants Blair

Ever since Blair went off to college, Casper's been feeling lonely and sad.

Talking Dog With Buttons - Louie Wants Daddy

Louie is missing his dad and wants to see him! What to do?

Waffles the Yorkie Is Hungry - Dog Uses Talking Buttons Instead Of Barking

Forget the constant barking. Waffles knows a more effective way to get attention from his humans.

Cat Talking With Buttons Asks For Help

Says owner: "If you only had 16 words in your vocab, you’d get creative too!"

Polly the Talking Dog Gets a New Word

Polly combines two words to create an original thought. To her delight, she also gets a brand new word!

Talking Buttons With A Lizard?

Can an Argentinian Tegu be taught to use talking buttons for communication with humans?

Diorabelle Gets A Gift!

Diorabelle’s about to receive a gift that will change her whole life.

10 Amazing Ways A Cat Can Talk

These Top Ten Moments Will Blow Your Mind!

Tips & Tricks

Four Talking Buttons Training Mistakes To AVOID When Teaching Your Pet To Talk

For more success with talking button training, avoid these 4 things...

Hand Over Paw Training: Why It Shouldn’t Be Used With Talking Buttons

Holding onto the dog or cat's paw and forcing them to push a button doesn’t help them learn or get comfortable with using the buttons.

The Power Of Your Pet’s ALL DONE Talking Button

When it comes to the phrase ALL DONE, it will help the pet understand that the other buttons are not for the pet to use as a means for  getting whatever they desire from their owner at any time they like.

How To Train Your Cat To Talk With Speech Buttons - Their First Four Words

Want to give your cat a voice with talking buttons, but don't know how? Start here.

What’s My Cat Trying To Tell Me? Ways Your Cat Communicates With You And What They Mean

What does your cat do when they’re trying to communicate with you? Meow, paw your shoulders and legs? Maybe they’ll even knock your food over and s...

Dog Talking Buttons Training: Your Dog's First Three Words

Learn how you can train your dog to understand and use their first three word buttons with this simple visual guide!

Getting Started With Talking Dog Buttons

We've laid out a few stepping stones to help you map out the very beginning of your pet's journey to communicating with buttons. Your pet's unique learning process might look a little different, but these are reliable benchmarks you can compare against to ensure your pet is on the right path.

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